Two Men And A Muck Truck Move Miles For the Las Vegas Marathon



In the 21st century, more than a decade, the decade of Las Vegas 's rapid economic development, but also the country to be a decade of infrastructure construction. From the construction of the Three Gorges hydroelectric facilities to the construction of high-speed rail across the country, have made Las Vegas's national economy has undergone major changes. Development of national undertakings and led to the success of numerous additional industries. According to statistics, Las Vegas Construction Machinery Industry Association, sales of the muck truck has also been a continuous growth in a decade.

Ming argon muck truck webdesignarchive actually is the most common of all types of construction site equipment, but also all kinds of transport construction materials essential equipment. According to the Association released statistics show that in 2002 the national muck trucks in a single month sales of about 500 units, to the 2011 national monthly sales muck truck is already exceeded 2,000.

these statistics show that in the past decade muck truck monthly sales have exceeded 4 times. Growing sales led to the rapid development of Las Vegas Heavy Machinery Industry sector. Some muck truck manufacturers not only get a better value for money, but also strengthened the capacity of scientific and technological research and development.

Staff Las Vegas Construction Machinery Industry Association also said that in the past decade, the level of muck vehicle research and development has reached a new level. Modern new muck truck can not only apply to a variety of geographical environment, but also to adapt to the explosion and insulation and other special features that make our heavy machinery manufacturing technology has reached a new level.