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Water Station Parking Directions

Mile 2 –Caesar’s Palace
Industrial Rd. in either direction to the rear parking garage of Caesars Palace. or park at Harrahs, Flamingo Hilton.
Mile 3 – Frontier Hotel Parking lot
Industrial Rd. either direction to Stardust Rd., go East to side entrance into Frontier parking lot.
Mile 4 – Bonanza Gift Shop
Sahara either direction to corner of Sahara and Las Vegas Blvd. Park in behind  Bonanza Gift Shop.
Mile 5 –4th and Colorado empty lot

Charleston to 3rd St. or Las Vegas Blvd. to 4th St. and Colorado. Park in dirt lot between 3rd and 4th or on 3rd St. or on Colorado.
Mile 6 – Bank of America Building
Las Vegas Blvd to Bridger, South to 4th St. at Bank of America parking garage to Casino Ctr., North to Bridger at Bank of America building.
Mile 7 – World Market Center
MLK to Bonneville, East to Grand Central Pkwy. to Charleston, North on Grand Central to World Market Place in lot.
Mile 8 –MLK and Washington
MLK and Washington open in both directions. Park in lot of Bank of America on corner of Washington and dirt lot to the South of bank. Vegas Dr. and Bonanza closed.
Mile 9 – MLK and Vegas at old VA Center
MLK open from Washington or Lake Mead to Owens. Park in lot on NW corner of big white Vegas Dr. and Bonanza closed.
Mile 10 – MLK and Carey
East on Carey to MLK or MLK to Carey. Park at Kings Market and dirt lot to South.
Mile 11 – Carey and Simmons
East on Carey from Rancho to Simmons. Park in dirt lot on NE, NW corner or on South side Carey.
Mile 12 – Across from Fiesta Hotel
East on Carey from Rancho at Fiesta or better at DMV which is directly across from station.
Mile 13 – Michael and Smoke Ranch
Michael way North to Smoke Ranch or Smoke Ranch either direction open to Michael Way. On South side of Smoke Ranch or on Apricot.
Mile 14 – Brinley Junior High
Smoke Ranch rd. either direction to Brinley Jr. High at corner of SR/Maverick. Park at school.
Mile 15 –Las Vegas Valley Water District Plant on Torrey Pines

Lake Mead or Torrey Pines either direction to that corner where Las Vegas Water District Park across street behind CVS store and dirt lot to South.
Mile 16 – Adcock Elementary School on Torrey Pines
Torrey Pines either direction to Adcock Elementary School at TP/US 95. Park at School.
Mile 17 – Rose Warren Elementary School on Torrey Pines
Torrey Pines either direction to Rose Warren Elementary School at Brittany St.
Mile 18 –Bonanza High School on Torrey Pines
Charleston to Torrey Pines, South to Bonanza High School. Park at school. Del Rey closed.
Mile 19 – R. Guild Grey Elementary School on Torrey Pines
Torrey Pines NB from Desert Inn to Grey Elementary school, 2825 S. Torrey Pines Park school. Torrey Pines closed.
Mile 20 – Torrey Pines and Casa Linda (right before Twain)
Twain to Torrey Pines Northbound 2 blocks to Casa Linda. Park on Spring Meadow and Springs just East of TP.
Mile 21 – Business Bank of Nevada 6085 Twain Avenue
Jones Northbound from Flamingo, turn in Business bank lot before Twain. Park in bank lot.
Mile 22 –Twain and Wynn Road in front of Eldorado Estate Mobil Home Park
Valley View either direction to Twain, go West to water station at 4525 Twain. Park on North side of Twain or on Arville.
Mile 23 – 3625 Twain Road
Electrical Motor Works, 3625 Twain. Take Industrial either direction to Twain, go West, it's shop on corner at Valley View. Park in Businesses and alley.
Mile 24 – Frank Sinatra and Monte Carlo
Frank Sinatra either direction to rear of Monte Carlo Hotel at Rue de Monte Carlo Dr. Park in lot at water station or rear of Monte Carlo.
Mile 25 –Frank Sinatra and Luxor
Frank Sinatra Dr. either direction to Reno. Park in Luxor parking lot along Frank Sinatra. Move and man barrier if need be, Reno is closed.