Devine is the driving force behind The Las Vegas Marathon. Committed to the celebration of individual accomplishment, Devine was created to bring a new level of quality and professionalism to amateur road racing events in major destination cities.


Devine was created to acquire and oversee amateur athletic events, particularly marathons, triathlons and road races. With the goal of building new events and taking existing events to the next level, Devine created the Salt Lake City Marathon in 2004 and the Chicago Big 10K. Since the privately held company was established in 2003. Devine acquired the Chicago Half Marathon and the City of Los Angeles Marathon. Chris Devine serves as Chairman, Bruce Buzil is Vice Chairman and Steve Miller serves as President-CEO.


With an ever-growing number of people participating in road racing, Devine believes it has the responsibility to deliver the highest level of professional service in the industry; for participants, sponsors and the communities where races are held. This obligation stems from Devine founder Chris Devine’s passion for running and respect for runners. “We recognize that running is a very personal thing,” said Devine. ”Every runner, regardless of level, enjoys a unique relationship with the sport. Running has been my life-long personal passion. From that passion has grown Devine's respect for the accomplishments of each runner. Indeed, it is our vision to enrich the racing experience for all of our runners.”